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Blank Disk And Drivers Failed To Download



Let me start at the top. I un boxed and put the disk in my inspirion 1545 laptop. It treated it like a blank disk. I tried another disk(pc game) i have and it worked. I tried a dvd and it worked. I tried a xbox game and it said please play disk in xbox 360 console. So the disk drive works. I tried the roxio disk again and it treated it like a blank disk asking me if i want to use it like a usb storage or burn music or files again. So i restarted my laptop. Put in the disk and again treated it like a blank disk. I say to myself maybe I need the roxio box plugged into the laptop first. So i plug in the supplied usb to roxio box wire and it starts to download the drivers or update the drivers or whatever it says when you plug a new phone or ipod into a laptop. DRIVERS FAILED to download. Ok so I plug it into my xbox(when it was off) and tv and everything like im supposed to. Plug in the cable from roxio box to laptop and the drivers failed again. So i turn on the xbox and nothing happens. I then go online and register my product and try to get customer support and find there is none. So i go trough the forums and youtube and nothing about blank disk or drivers failed(just stuff for after that is done) So I send an email to the help people and it tells me my email will be responded to within 12 hours( we our on hour 17 and still no response)So while I wait I figure ill get my geek squad guy on it(thats right 2 year subscription so please dont tell me its my laptop) he dose his thing and tells me he needs the links to the data on the disk and drivers and he can do it for me. So now im waiting for my response from support. I went to buy the speedy service but my roxio game capture hd pro isnt listed as one of the products for that service. please help! oh yeah Im here to try and see if anyone can get this thing working. thank you

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Did you try looking at the disc with Windows Explorer?Is it blank or do files show up?


If it shows as blank and you can do the same thing and it shows as blank on a 2nd computer then you need to talk with Customer Service and tell them the problem.


We're just users here and can't help if you somehow got a blank disc with your device.

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