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Vcr To Dvd For Mac - Sound Meter Not Registering



I've been converting my collection of videos across the last week and the audio stopped working. I am convinced that it might have happened when I started multi-tasking in iPhoto and played a movie with Quick Time. See attached errors.


I was able to restore audio via Shut Down and Restart. I did read here that someone experienced the same issue, but on Windows 7.


So, when recording, what task am I NOT allowed to perform? Can I use iPhoto, as long as I refrain from playing any videos?





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I don't know the answer to your question. However, the capturing of the audio and video keep the hard drive very busy so I wouldn't do anything with the Mac that requires much reading or writing to the hard drive during a video capture. Also, if your Mac has the basic amount of RAM I wouldn't do anything else.

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Ah - that makes sense. Thanks. I have 2.4GHz processor and 8GB memory. I should be fine.


If just flagging and renaming photos in iPhoto, does that require read/write to the HD?

That shouldn't be an issue assuming you launched iPhoto before starting the video capture. I haven't used my Mac for other things while doing video captures so I don't know if the capture application needs to always be front-most. My opinion is that it shouldn't matter if you're doing other light activities.

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