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Hd Videos On Youtube



Hello good sirs. I am not a techy. So i used roxio and didnt mess with any of the settings and uploaded to youtube and got a 720 hd clip. It occasionally would be slow or get rainbow colored lines in the movie and for 20 seconds just froze and then started playing again. this is the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLw2nn79WQw so next video i read on the forum that it might be my screen resolution on my laptop(something like it wont let me dock) they said try it on 1024... so I did and ran auto fix on the colors of the film in roxio video editor. my video came out as 480 with no choice of 720. I cant find an option that lets me pick what it will be uploaded as or recorded as. this is the second video:

So i switched my resolution all the way back up 1366x768 and recorded another video and ran auto color correct again on it. it uploaded 480 again with no option of 720. this is that video:
the 2nd 2 videos our crappy qaulity but less laggy and glitchy. the first is good quality but laggy and glitchy. on all videos I had the quality slider to best. I read something about black settings on my tv and storage space and please help me get my non laggy non glitchy 720 videos to work. I will change whatever needs changing. thank you
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1280x768 is the lowest screen resolution roxio game capture pro hd will run in. This is not what youtube recommends for 720p. will running it in 1280x768(which is closest setting to youtubes recommended 1280x720) be best or since I cant get it exact, should I might as well put my screen resolution to 1366x768?

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