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I have a bit of a poser in as much that I have 2x SSD 64 gig HD with NXT installed on one of them. I realised that a 64gig HD is not really big enough to be running NXT/win 7/ etc efficiently so I have purchased a 128 GB SSD HD which I intend to install NXT/win7 etc on it leaving a 64 GB for some files. I also installed an extra 8gig of ram giving a total of 16 GB ram. As I have now uninstalled 2011 pro and don't have the files anymore I won't be able utilise cineplayer. Question can/how would I be able to get cineplayer ???

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If you own the Blue disc playback plugin and have the update on your hard drive?


Try installing it before installing Creator NXT and see if it's there after.

Thank you CD I currently have it installed on the 64gig HD that also has win 7 I will be installing win 7 on a clean 128 gig HD if the BR plugin needs windows to install I think I may not be able to do what you suggest, however if it is a standalone app then perhaps all is not lost. I won't be installing until next week as I have a project going at the moment and I don't like making changes when in mid stream. I will get back when I carry out the changes.

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