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Use An Older Tv With Roxio Hd Pro?



This is probably a stupid question, but I wanted to be sure of this before I decided which Roxio to get. I have an older TV (One from the early 90's) and I want to get the Roxio HD PRO. I know I can't hook an HDMI cable to this TV, but I can use component cables. I was wondering if, because I'm using a different connection, I could still get a decent quality recording (Higher than 480p, preferrably 720p), or if I should save my money and get the standard Roxio Game Capture.

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if your tv is HD than you can hook up the roxio Hd pro with component cables but your going to need a double ended component cables to plug the output back to your tv if im confusing u than just search on youtube how to set up a roxio HD pro with conponents Hoped I helped

That IS NOT what this Topic is about :huh:


But I am curious why you think you would need "double ended compontent cables" when no one else does?

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You can use it with your Standard definition TV if:


1. Your TV has component inputs for 480i/p


2. Buy a component to composite cable/converter, plug the component cables from your PS3/360 into the Roxio, and the converter and/or cable out of the Roxio to your TV. Keep in mind that the Roxio won't downscale 720p to 480i/p to match your TVs input, so you would have to play in SD.

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The "Normal" output of the Roxio GameCAP HD Pro is HD...


That is carried only by Component (PR, PB & Y) and HDMI cables...


It has no provision for Composite (Yellow, White, Red) output, which is what a VCR would require??? <_<


It can be done, IF your gamebox has Composite Output available... just not too sure I understand why you would want to do that ;)

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...pretty cunning setup :lol:


By "gamebox" I meant your Xbox, sorry to confuse the issue.


HERE is a document to look at.


I belive you can run HDMI from your 360 to the Roxio GameCAP HD, then Composite to your existing VCR/TV ^_^


And then all you need is to connect the GameCAP HD to your PC/Laptop via a USB cable. (this powers the devce so the pass-through works)


If anyone can test this type of setup (HDMI in ~ Composite out) and confirm it works that would really help Neonkitsune & Me :P


One thing to keep in mind is that if you buy from the Roxio Store, you have 30 days, no questions asked, to return it!

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If I am mistaken here someone feel free to jump on this!!!


I don't think there is any 'converter' that will work with the Roxio to your TV... (product Composite signal)


But that raises the question of what you are using now??? (you never said what your gamebox is) And if you can run both composite and HDMI at the same time?

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The HD recording is done through the USB connected from the GameCAP HD to your PC.


The TV you use should make no difference... You can test it now with your gamebox that TV by setting your gamebox to HD! If you can still see it OK on your TV, you will be good to go ;)


Are you sure your TV actually has Component input rather than just Composite??? Note that Component connections will be marked as PR, PB & Y







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