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Computer Setup



Good Evening,

I purchased the Roxio HD Pro because it said you can capture pc gameplay in HD. However, I did not relize after the fact that it requires a seperate computer/laptop to record. Can the recording of gameplay be done on the same computer as I am playing the game? If so, how would I go about setting this up?

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Jim thank you for your response. I have a few setup questions.


Hardware Spec:

Monitor: Dell E228WFP

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti


My monitor does not support an hdmi connection built into it. So I have been using a DVI to HDMI adapter from my monitor connecting to my computer by an hdmi cable. The graphics card is connected to the hdmi cable by a mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter. Connecting in this matter has been working fine.


However, the problem I am having is when I connect the roxio hd pro my monitor turns black and stays at standby mode. The monitor hdmi cable is connecting to the roxio video input side, the graphics card hdmi cable is connecting to the video output side, and the USB connection is of course connected to the desktop computer via USB.


Can you suppose find a solution to my problem, or would this be due to my old monitor?


P.S. I hope this was not to confusing.

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You need one more connection...


You want to use a HDMI - DVI from the GameCAP HD pass through to the Monitor...


Then you need a VGA to connect to the Monitor from your PC... This could also be a DVI to VGA.


Then use the menu switching on the Monitor to switch between which input to use ;)


Note that a HDMI to VGA cable does not work.

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