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Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro With Monitor?



So im thinking of buying a new monitor (Benq RL2240H 21.5'') it has HDMI, DVI and VGA port! also 3.5mm jack for audio (headset or speakers)... my question is will it work?

Xbox360 <-HDMI-> HD PRO <-HDMI-> Monitor?

and will i get sound? with or without headset / speaker? (the monitor does not have built in speakers...)


I think it should work... but im really dont know about sound... anyone maybe have expierience with stuff like this? help? :)

also for pc i will use my old monitor! and the new one only for xbox


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Yes that will do the trick! ;)


Audio is included in HDMI so the extra 3.5mm will not be needed. Since it does not have speakers, not sure why it would even have a connector... May be to pass though Audio and that may be where you want you headset attached...


Your PC game play and hence the audio will have some delay when capturing so you do not want to rely on them!

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