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Questions...about The Possibilities



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but all file formats seem to be HUGE freaken space like 500mb+ almost

which takes hours 2 put on youtube

Thats nothing, I record everything at max settings, than I edit and encode in a separate program. I made a 27 min video, it was around 8GB when I upconverted the quality to 35mbps. Took 3 hours to encode. I have a youtube encoding setting that sets it to 5mbps, keeps the 1080p size down, I think it dropped to 1.5GB for a 27 min video. Check your output bitrate, youtube 1080p maxes out at 5mbps, so anything above that and Youtube lowers it anyway.

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i knew that jim i just needed proof it didnt because i spent so much money now (over 400+) and i dont wanna spend alot more on a 2nd monitor

A trick we have recommended is to connect the HDMI pass through to your monitor as well as the usual connection from your PC.


Then use the switching on the Monitor to toggel between: the PC to start capture/streaming; and the Game input (pass through) to play the game without the delay...





That will do the trick in most cases keeping equipment down and sparing you some room ;)


I am lucky to have an extra room that allows me to spread them out :lol:



(no earthquake, 2 pictures combined)
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Yes it will use some IF you are Streaming to a Web Site AND others in your house are trying to use the internet connection at the same time... Then all of you will notice a slowdown.


But if you are just playing and capturing and not connected to anything it will have Zero impact.


In fact you can even unplug your Laptop from your network while Playing/Recording...

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well i may have 2 take it back because my dad doesnt want it in the house he claims


" I need all the bandwith so your not keeping this recording games takes all the bandwith in the house"


(also my specs are all above good (appertlly the issue was just watching via the preview))

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i see how but does my pC HAVE 2 be high spec or no?


You might want to do a little bit of the leg work, yourself!


Look at the main Roxio page, and you can find the minimum system specs for the Game Capture. For "good" results, your system specs should be a lot better than the minimums listed.

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so do i need a high speed pc to plug the usb into cause here


Xbox 360 > to roxio (idk what hdmi plug the 1 below the text or above it (input or output side)

Roxio (hdmi output or input side) to tv

Roxio Usb to crappy horriable laptop


The laptop cant go wireless and its got horriable specs.......is that right?

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You cannot use COMPOSITE cables on the HD device.

Composite does not carry an HD signal.

You have to use COMPONENT cables.


The cable you showed is a hybrid cable.It allows all kinds of connections.

To get it to work you need to use the Red,Green and Blue for the video and the Red and White for the audio.

The Yellow and S-Video are ignored.

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Yes the document Tony linked will draw you a picture of the setup...


Understand that your PC is ONLY used to power the device and capture/stream with.


You still need a seperate TV or Monitor to Play the Game on :huh:


You HDMI is the prefered connction from the GameCAP HD device to your TV/Monitor (pass-through)


A USB is all you need to attach it to your PC.


(your HDMI socket on your PC is only for Output ;) )

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