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This Needs To Be Fixed.



Yo, so I just got this capture card today, and I can say the device itself is a beast. As for the software, I can't believe Roxio put out a poorly made software program to coincide with this product. I can get into that later, but for now I have a temporary fix for those who have the problems stated in the title. To fix the following, you MUST do what's listed below, as it has worked for me.


You probably have the quality to maximum. I know we all want to record at it's maximum, but right now the software isn't letting us do that.


- Close EVERY program there is, even windows explorer(nothing in the taskbar though, you can leave Antiviruses running etc.)


- Open the capture program, and make sure the quality slider is a little bit before the middle of the slider bar.


- Close the program and re-open it.


- Capture like you normally would.


If everything went well, you should be able to record without the lag/glitchy issues! It keeps the bitrate at a stable 8-9mbps which looks pretty great and I'm pretty sure you can manage ;). Now, we just need to hope Roxio puts out better capturing software(or just allowing to disable the preview which REALLY puts a load on the CPU). Also, this isn't a PC specs issue. I have a mid-high range CPU and I'm having this problem. Heck, even people with i7 CPUs have this problem. This is the only temporary solution I have for you, let me know it works!.

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This is happening a lot more frequently now, even with my temporary fix. The problem IS the software, it's way too power hungry. things like disabling the preview window would help drastically. Also, why does the program use .net framework to run? That makes the problem even worse :angry: . How do I know what I'm saying is most likely true? My friend has pretty much the same laptop as me(yes, same specs), and has an HD PVR. When he opens his software to record, the program only takes what, 30-50% of his CPU while listening to a Youtube playlist full of songs(takes up a good amount of CPU usage). Now if I try to record with the Roxio, what's shown in the below video happens and takes up 70-90% of my CPU because of all the pointless features going on within the software. Roxio, this really needs to fix because your software is making your hardware look bad, and is also defeating the purpose of the Roxio having a hardware encoder. No one should be having any problems with recording.


EDIT: Like In I said, it's not anyone's PC. Read this from a Youtube comments section.


"I'm using my [name here's] laptop. It works fine on there, which is weird since her laptop is *bleep* and barely runs the software, yet my 6gb RAM, i5 laptop won't work lol. So for the time being, I'm going to have to record with my [name here's] laptop, USB it over to mine and edit. Sucks."



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I can guarantee you that it's not my system. My friend has the exact same system specs as mine and has absolutely no problem with his HD PVR, simply because of the lightweight application it has for recording. I would like to stick to the Roxio though for its higher bitrate and HDMI output to my Monitor/TV. I've seen quality tests on Youtube and they're AMAZING compared to the HD PVR, so I would really like to get this fixed.



Windows 7 Vista Home Premium(64 bit)

Dual Intel Pentium P6100 @2.00GHz(Pretty much an i5 without hyperthreading, I did my research)

6GB DDR3 Ram

250GB HDD 7600RPM

Intel HD Graphics


I'm about to try the program on XP(dual boot) and see how that goes.




Just tried it on XP and it works WAY better than it did on 7. I tried to use the max bitrate but it still glitched out for some reason.

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my laptop is a piece of sh......


so i cant use a differnt computer to record


because my PC uses my tv as a monitor

my roxio is connected from 360 to pc via the usb and the 360 to roxio by hdmi


I know, it's a shame because even somehing as low end as a Netbook should be able to capture. The only thing in the way as of late is the resource hogging software.

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I know, it's a shame because even somehing as low end as a Netbook should be able to capture. The only thing in the way as of late is the resource hogging software.

Are you kidding :huh:


Look at the size of the files! Every bit that comes in from the USB has to go through the CPU to a write cache then onto the disk AND sent to the display as well as everything else that is going on on that PC!


A 'low end' lap doesn't even have a video card, per se, it relies on using on board memory and borrowing the CPU to move data!


No, there is no magic pixel dust, it takes real computing horsepower to do this stuff :D

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