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Product Key Will Not Work

David Mcklveen


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Howdy David,

Hey, I'm a newbie to Toast, but I've been around Macs for awhile. Make sure you are using the Key EXACTLY as it is in the e-mail. I copied and pasted mine. I'm pretty sure it is case sensitive, so if it's upper-case, make sure you type it as Upper Case.


It's also possible that you have your preferences set in such a way as to prevent the application from opening (either in the browser Preferences or, more likely, the Apple System Preferences, so I'd start by checking your System Preferences.


Go to the Apple Icon top left of your screen and select System Preferences from the pull down menu.


On the first line "Personal" select Security and Privacy.


Make sure the first tab, General, is selected, and then look down to where it says "Allow applications downloaded from:" and select "Anywhere". If that area is grayed out, then you will need to UNLOCK the lock at the bottom left corner of the General box. Click on the little lock, then type in your password, and when the lock unlocks, select "Anywhere". Then re-lock if you like.


Click on Firevault tab and make sure it is off.


Click on the Firewall tab and make sure it is off.


I don't know what browser you're using, but go to your browser Preferences and check for the same types of download blocking items and make sure they are unchecked. What I found was that even if those download blocker items are checked, I can still download an item from an unknown site, but they wouldn't let me open the application, so try deselecting those download blocking items and let us know if it helped.


If doesn't help, when you come back, be sure and give us a bit more info, like what computer model and OSX you're using, along with your browser too.


Good luck.


EDIT: By the way, if changing your System Preferences works, you might want to remember to go back and re-select those download blocking items when you're done. They are there for your protection. You can always unlock and change them again if needed.

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Same product same problem. Mac Pro, OS 10.8.2, Safari 6.0.2

Please advise.

There's nothing we can do to help you with this other than the obvious: make sure the zeros shouldn't be Ohs and the ones shouldn't be Ls and vice versa. If you have a version with the HD plugin make sure you're not entering the plugin's code instead of Toast's code (and vice versa).


Otherwise, this has to be resolved with Roxio's customer service.

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