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Toast Titanium 11 And Eyetv



I recorded a movie the other day and would like to back it up on DVD. I edited it using the Eye TV editor to remove the commercials. I then did a little more editing using the Toast editor. Photos for title page and to set the chapters to every 5 minutes. Put in a DVD-DL and started to record it. When it was encoded to about 69%, Toast crashed. This has happened several times.


Is this an EyeTV problem or is it a Toast problem and how do I fix it?

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Probably a Toast problem with the EyeTV package. Did you add the video to Toast using the Toast media browser or did you send it to Toast from EyeTV? I don't know if that would matter. What likely will fix the issue, however, is if you export the edited video from EyeTV as either an elementary or program stream and then add that to Toast. If you export as an elementary stream drag only the .m2v file to Toast and it will either match it with the audio stream or ask you to locate it. This removes the video from the EyeTV package and usually fixes any issue Toast has with the video.


Another tip is to choose Save as Disc Image when you're done. That way you don't run the risk of ruining a blank disc if something doesn't go right. Assuming the disc image is completed okay, burn it to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window.


Are you having Toast multiplex the video or encode the video?


Maybe the crash is happening at the layer break. Making a disc image first could resolve that.

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