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Audio Problems With Solution And Reason



In my other thread I mentioned the numerous audio problems I was was having, and I have tried so many things from addon virtual audio devices to Windows Sound Mixer. No configuration would work. I stumbled upon some information that is the reason for this. Windows operating system will under no circumstance allow the same audio output to go to 2 different playback devices from hardwired internal computer components (splitting afterwards works fine). This poses a huge problem for HDMI audio output, as this is not something that is merely split or captured separately. So basically, you have to choose, if you want your capturing computer to capture audio with the video, you need to set your playback sound device to HDMI, but than you cannot hear sound through your speakers. And visa-versa. Windows sound mixer does not work because it changes the audio from digital to analog (apprently) and no longer can be sent through most HDMI systems.


2 solutions:


1)Have your gaming PC do the capturing, I could never get this to work, would crash constantly and not record more than 2 seconds, but if it worked it would be so easy to capture audio with the video and still be able to hear it through your speakers.


2)If you are lucky enough to have a headphone out jack on your monitor, use that to connect to your speaker system, than set your monitors HDMI as the default playback device. This works and the audio now gets sent through the HDMI to your capture PC, and basically your monitor works as a passthrough for the audio to your speakers. I also use a headset sometimes, so I just use an audio splitter from the headphone port on my monitor and plugged my speakers and headphones into it.


If you want to record your voice, you would likely have to set a separate program to capture it from the mic, something like Audacity works great, just sync it later. I do not know if there is a Sound Mixer configuration that can listen to the mic and send it to the default playback device (your HDMI monitor). If I try that out and it works I will post back here, but I doubt that will work well as you will hear yourself talking as well.

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