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Why My Xbox360 Battery Pack Won't Recharge?


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I have the Microsoft rechargeable that I can recharge two battery pack at once. When I plug my charger the light turn green and disappear. Normally i will see a red light telling me it's charging and when it's fully charge it turn green.

I even try using the usb charge kit that you plug from your controller to the xbox or any device that have a usb port. And it still won't charge.

Could i be the battery die? I didn't know those battery charger could die.























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Sounds like the battery is faulty.


Normally, when it is being charged the voltage will drop a little because of the load, and your indicator light will be red. When the voltage rises because the battery is full, it turns green.


If the light goes straight to green and the battery won't charge using either that charger or the USB one, then is sounds as if the battery is 'open circuit'. You should get the battery tested.


If you can borrow another battery you can soon see if your charger is okay.

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The battery charger hasn't died but the battery probably has.

Like any other rechargeable battery they will only last for so long and then they won't hold a charge.

I've had this happen many times with an XBox battery.

It's probably time for a new battery.

If it were me I'd buy a 3rd party battery They are much cheaper and work just as well.


Also take a look at this

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Arch Hughes,


The original poster hasn't been back here since November last year, so he has either dealt with his faulty battery or given up on it.


Your "solution" is inherently dangerous [as you acknowledged] but while you could probably not be held to account if it caused injury or damage to anyone who followed your suggestion, Roxio/Corel who run this Community for us, could be sued. For that reason I trust you'll understand why your post was removed.





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