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Creator 10 Filename




I have just got a new windows 7 64bit computer.

1. Will Creator 10 run on this?

2. I cannot find my original downloaded creator 10 file. What name should I be searching for please?

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I have found the files in question and when I feel brave enough will give them a go.

RoxioCreator2010ProDisc2_HW00H011C04 589kb

RoxioCreator2010Pro_HX19A010R14 1,114,868kb

RoxioCreator2010Content_HV13AXD0SQA 346,835kb

In the same folder there are 3 folders labelled Pro, Content and disk 2 with expanded files in them.

Thanks for all your help.. I will class this as Topic Solved now.

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Officially Easy Media Creator 10 (if that is what you have) is NOT compatible with Windows 7. Some very lucky people have been able to run Easy Media Creator 10 for a short time before it fails. If you had Creator 2010 then that is compatible. Here is the complete list of compatible products (link)


Did you get what you are calling Creator 10 as a freebie program that came with your old computer? That is a cut down version and there were several variations of it. They usually had a code name such as DE or SE after the number 10 with a dot sub number. For example Creator 10.2 DE, Creator 10.3 DE. Some of those MAY work with Windows 7. You said that you downloaded the product so this may not be applicable although Dell does have a download site.


I don't have the older versions so I can't tell you what to look for. Try searching your old computer or storage for 'Roxio" first. did you look in your Windows download folder? YOu will not be able to download the program from Roxio's web site. I gather that you did not save a copy of the download to a disc?

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It was a paid for Roxio Creator 10 that I have currently installed on my old XP computer.

I have searched for Roxio and come up with 2 possibilities but neither seem large enough to be the right one.

When I run the first one it tells me there are no Roxio items on my computer and the second one tells me it is ni=ot a valid 32 bit file.

I will search further and let you know.



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From what you've said it sounds like the first file is a service pack or similar, and it is looking for the installation that it is meant to modify - and it didn't find one.


If the second one has an .EXE extension but gives you that "not a valid . . " error, then it's likely broken.


I can't tell you the probable names of the download files, but if you have Creator 10 installer files you should have one which is about 700 to 800MB in size, and is an archive containing folders very like this set.



. . .and there should be another content file of about 500 MB containing files and folders like this:



Perhaps you could tell us the names and sizes of any files you think might be the ones you want?



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