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Cannot Hear Game Chat In Final Product



Not sure if this question has already been asked - and if it has, sorry for a "re-post."


I just got the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro yesterday and ran a little test while playing Red Dead Redemption.


I was in a free roam session, just doing what you do in free roam - kill people, and a 3/4 of the way into the recording, I realized people weren't talking in the session. So, I decided to test it out for myself - just to make sure the game capturing device could pick up voices. So, I decided to be immature and said, "Penis!"


I even brought down the scoreboard, and it showed the little wave symbols, informing me that it picked up my immature comment (ha, ha). ;) Well, I didn't have time to preview the whole thing, and just uploaded it to YouTube after I was done.


While watching it on YouTube, everything turned out perfect. You could hear all the game sounds, music, etc. perfectly. But, when the time came, and I said the immature comment, it didn't capture it.


Is there something I need to do differently with my settings? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


FYI: My game console is an Xbox 360, and I have both my 360 and Roxio hooked up with an HDMI cord.

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Thanks, Jim. I appreciate it. I figured it had been asked. I guess you can chalk me up under that category of people who are too lazy to search through a message board. :D


But, it seems like those two links you gave me sort of contradict each other. In the first one you answered that yes you can do it, and then gave directions on how to do it. In the second link, the person that responded to the question stated that at this time, no, you cannot record your active narration/game play chat/party chat/etc.


Am I just reading it wrong? So, yet again... HELP! :wacko:

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