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Hello, so basically the recording is fine. Beautiful in fact. The .M2TS files include audio which can be heard when watching in a media player and seen/edited in the supplied editing software. My problem is as follows.


The raw recording is not supported by either Sony Vegas Pro 11 or After Effects. In Sony Vegas only the video is available, in After Effects it is not supported at all.


I have numerous other .M2TS files from a variety of other sources that work perfectly in both programs. I have contacted both Sony & Adobe and they confirm that their programs support those file types and as per my tests with other .MT2S files have concluded that the problem lies with the Roxio recording.


Although the editing software supplied is good for beginners, is is no where near capable of doing what I require. At present to get my recordings into SV or AE I am having to either render the recording out or convert it, both of which cause a drop in quality.


Not too happy. A device called 'Game Capture HD "PRO"' that can not be used with professional editing software....


Any advice warmly welcomed alternatively feel free to suggest more appropriate names from this capture device... maybe the Game Capture HD "Average"

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