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Tweaking Toast Dmg Images

Alex Morris


Hi there,


I've been attempting to create custom auto-opening DMG images with Toast (with fancy background image and layout).


I drag the folders and files I want the DMG to contain within Toast, choose the custom background image and disc icon, then burn a Macintosh Disk Image.


This works fine, but the resultant disk image isn't quite there in layout. So I open the DMG file and adjust the icons' position. Close it down, reopen it, it's still all fine. The positions are all memorised. However, if I attempt to alter the size of the icons at all from 48px square, on closing and reopening the DMG all the settings, background image, layout, window position are forgotten and I have to start from scratch.


Is there any way to tweak the Icon size after an image has been burned with Toast without losing other key folder properties? If not, might it be an idea to include the option to choose Icon Size from within Toast before burning a Mac disc image, perhaps on the same panel you can specify the background image, disc icon and default layout view? I'm guessing it's a DS Store issue...


I've graduated back to using Toast for creating disk images because it couldn't handle auto-opening disk images created in DMG Canvas (once burned as part of a hybrid PC/Mac disk, they lose their initial folder auto-opening properties, whereas DMG files created with Toast don't).


Thanks in advance :-)



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Think I've answered my own question again (making a habit of this :-) )


It seems if you mount the DMG from the Toast menu, rather than mounting it from outside Toast, you can make and save the changes fine. If you attempt to mount it from outside Toast just by double clicking the .toast file, making changes, and then remounting, then it screws up.


I'll leave this here in case anyone else has a similar issue...

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