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Tivo Tranfser Video Duration Does Not Match With Actual Video Duration



Hello All,


Just purchased Toast 11 yesterday and when I started to transfer 4, 1 hour programs. It was still not done by morning but it seemed to finish the first 2, 1 hour programs. I stopped it and than brought the two files into toaster. The program length reads correct in the video transfer but in the player and the convert tab it is only half the file length.


I would like to make sure there is no duration max on a program you can transfer from Tivo of any one video. Also does the Tivo transfer, transfer all the files at the same time as opposed to one at a time and how large should a tivo file be for a 1 hour program.


Thank you all for reading.





John Sirabella


Side note I found it strange that the program is 60 fps.

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TiVo Transfer makes the transfers in sequence, one after the other. You can view the transfer progress by clicking "Active Transfers". I've experienced problems completing transfers over wi-fi because of the computer or hard drive going to sleep. Go to System Preferences and uncheck the box to put hard drives to sleep, and make sure your Mac's sleep setting stays awake long enough to complete the transfers. Since I have a laptop Mac available I just connect it to my network via ethernet instead of using wi-fi for transfers because that speeds things up.


I believe 60 fps is sometimes shown when the transfer is a 720P HD video. The 1080i and 480i videos should show as 30 fps.


The size of a 1-hour program depends on whether it is SD or HD and how much action there is in the video. A SD video will be in the neighborhood of 1 GB, and a HD video will be somewhere near 5-7 GB.


By the way, I have a football game recorded that TiVo Transfer reports as being one hour longer than the actual recording. Toast shows the correct time. So what you see in the TiVo Transfer window isn't always correct. The file sizes shown in TiVo Transfer and in the Finder are also not the same. I don't know why.

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Thanks for the post Guru and tonight I will do just one transfer and see how it works out.


I had all the energy settings set to off include monitor as I do alot of video work and usually always have something running over night. But this time I will try and view it.



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