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Continued Problems Burning Audio Cds With Toast 11.1



Using Toast 11.1 (1072). I have 5 .aif files. I put them into Toast and create a disc image (.Sd2f). The disc image only contains the first three songs. The second are technically there, but empty. If I open the disc image in an audio editing program, all 5 tracks are there, but the last two are pure silence. Very frustrating. Downgraded to 11.1 (1067). Same thing. Downgraded to 10.0.9 (569) works fine, as it always has for years. What the hell is up with 11.1 anyway? This is only the latest in a LONG list of problems I've had. If I try to simply burn the CD from Toast, without creating a disc image, same result. The CD contains 5 tracks, but the last two are pure silence. I've tried this with a variety of different tracks, always the same results. Any ideas?

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I was hoping I could recreate what's happening on your Mac, but I got all five tracks. I started with AIFF files, chose Save as Disc Image and the resulting .sd2f file contains all the music. I don't know what to suggest. You already tested with different tracks. Bewildering. You mention an audio editing app. This likely means you have third-party VST plugins in your root>Library>Audio>Plugins>VST folder. If so, you might do a test where you temporarily remove those plugins, as Toast has had problems with some VST plugins in the past. However, that caused crashing and not anything like what you're experiencing.

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