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Need Help Saving A Fillable Populated Pdf To A Clients File


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Attention all you experts out there! I have a fillable PDF that wont allow me to save the populated form to a client form - it will only allow me to print.

I have tried the "SIGN" feature and it will allow me to save the file but will not allow me to change information later, only add additional information.

I'm pretty sure their is a product out there that does this - ironically I only need to do this on 2 pdf's...

So I'm willing to buy the product


pay someone to do this for me. Heres the link to the pdf as its on the CRA website.


1. T2201 FORM



2. T1013 E FORM



Let me know


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I found this in the Help (on the form) see if this help:


Changing entered data

  • To replace data you have already entered in a field, place the cursor within the field and click the left mouse button.
    • This "selects" the existing data, which you can then adjust or replace.
    • Click again to select a word in the field.
    • Click a third time to select all the data in the field.

    [*]To clear the data from all fields and start over, click on the "Restore" button, located near the top of the form.

    • A confirmation message may appear; click on "Yes" to confirm the action or on "No" to cancel it.

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