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Problem Capturing When There Are Short Gaps On The Video Cassette Tape



We are using Roxio 2012 to capture from Video Cassette Tape.


If there are any gaps on the tape like a scene cut or just a few seconds on snow, Roxio will stop capturing.


We need Roxio to capture the entire tape from start to end, even if there are gaps between the recordings on the tape.


Is there a setting or tweak anywhere that will allow this?


Thank you for your time.

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Apologies. just seen the many post on this very same subject.


Will try a couple of the suggested options:


Using a DVD Player as a pass through. – VCR connected to DVD Player IN then USB device connected to DVD Player OUT.


Apparantly Windows movie maker will not see the non recorded parts of the tapes.


Any other suggestions very much appreciated. Or if there are any other programs that will overcome this issue that Roxio seem to be ignoring.



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I am using Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition and having the same issue. Can anyone help me with this?


I have used this software to capture my other media but when capturing my VHS media if there as any short gap, snow, etc it will say signal lost do you want to save this? I don't want to have to split a VHS tape into multiple files.


If I set the record time for 1 hour shouldn't it record for an hour?


Using a VCR with red, white and yellow cables from the VCR to the Roxio video capture usb device

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If there are gaps, the program will stop. There are work arounds but no fixes since that is the way it was designed. If you had no gaps, then you would capture one hour of the video.


You can use a pass through device (sometimes) to capture the entire video including the gaps or you can try to capture with Windows Movie Maker.

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