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Im having an audio problem when it comes to burning the video. When I put together the project and play it back on my comp, the sound is fine. BUT when i burn it to dvd, the sound will have occasional glitches in it. help


Describe the sound glitches and what kind of video files they are in, and what program, in the suite, you are using to burn those files to a DVD.

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Have you tried playing that disc on your computer or a different DVD player? Do you have the audio errors on either or both?


If on both:

1) What brand of disc are you using? Get a cou0le of verbatim DVD. Memorex used to be bad and store brands are usually really bad.

2) What else do you have running that may cause an issue with the encoding and burning? E-mail may take attention away from the encoding and burning. Some anti-virus programs are set to scan everythign being written to or from your computer. Disconnect from the internet, turn off your anti-virus (pause may be OK).

3) Try making an ISO file from the project. That option is in the burning options. Uncheck the burn to disc option. Name and select where you want the ISO saved. Once it is complete, use the free VLC player to play the DVD. Just drag the icon to the VLC window. If the sound is OK, then use the application to burn the ISo to a disc.


If you have problems after that, either the audio files are corrupt or the player has problems playing home burned discs.

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