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Average Bandwidth Speed Stuck Below 700.



I got my HD Pro in the mail today and have been loving it so far except for one thing. The livestreaming.


I tried to stream earlier at 720p at 1600 Kbps. The stream stuttered quite a bit and never got better.

I checked my bandwidth using the program and I keep getting numbers between 650 and 700 Kbps. Which would explain the stuttering.


My internet has up to 5mbps upload speed. I turned everything off that is wirelessly connected to my router, so all that was left is my computer and console. That didn't do anything to help. To compare, I loaded up the old program I used to stream with and it was able to stream at 720p, 1600 Kbps no problem.


Service pack 1.1 is installed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice, still no improvement.

As I've said, I've streamed 720p at 1600 before. But for some reason the most Roxio can get is around 690 Kbps.

Is there something I'm not seeing here? Some option with the program? I can't figure it out and it's driving me insane.

It's pretty frustrating and the only thing wrong with an otherwise fantastic product. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I Have the same critical issue with bandwidth! And the reason is not in my connection!


If I test bandwidth to twitch server with with Roxio software v1.1, I have ~500-600 Kbps (So I cannot use gamecap, it is pointless)

Just right after it, on a same PC, I run Xsplit and check bandwidth again via Xplit to a same server in Amsterdam, I get 2000-3000Kbps.


I've checked all Twitch servers, speed is not higher than 600 Kbps by wifi and 700 by cable


Something definitely is wrong here!


Just the way, please it if is possible add support of other stream services. For example ctbergame.tv. It is very popular in Russia. I have much better connection to their server.


Any Ideas?

Thank you

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Agreed. It's a curious issue, but the Roxio program when I was using it, did limit the kbps I was allowed to use compared to the amount available, I found no such limit in Xsplit, so I wonder if this was something that was overlooked? I'm hoping the program could indeed be updated in the near future, when it was working, it worked like a charm.

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