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How To Connect Easy Vhs To Dvd To A Sony Handycam Vision Webcam



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I guess I don't understand. Do you have a Sony camcorder that you want to use as a web cam to capture things that the camcorder sees or are you trying to capture from recordings that are on the camcorder?


Yes, Model number would help us understand what you are trying to do. Is it digital or analog?


If it is analog, simply use the connections on the camera port to plug into the USB device. Do you have the original wires that came with that camcorder? There may be a port on that camcorder that has a plug that looks like an audio port. On some camcorders, that port has dual outputs. One section of the plug is audio, the other is the video. If you don't have the original wires, then a simply stereo plug with a "Y" jacks will work. You will have to play around with the jacks to see which is which - lower the volume on your computer because putting a video signal into and audio port can cause loud and strange noises.


If it is a webcam, why don't you use the software that came with the web cam? If it is a digital camcorder that you are trying to use as a webcam, then simply plugging it into a USB port on your computer and opening the program should do it. No audio of course. If it is digital and you have firewire ports on both the camcorder and your computer, you can use that and not the Roxio USB device.

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