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I had just bought a new Roxio HD PVR. I thought the quality would look nice with 720p when I recorded. When I actually edited the video in Videowave, it was laggy and choppy. It would hang every 5 seconds and you can occasionally see rainbow lines sometimes. I'm not a techy geek or someone that doesn't know where the escape key is, but I want to know how to fix this problem.

My PC Specs aren't that great but it would be above the minimum requirements.


Procesor: AmD Turon 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00 Ghz

Ram: 3.00 GB

PC Name: Satellite L305D

OP: 32 bit.

P.S. Maybe this will help or not but the bitrate in the settings is 15000

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Here is some more info if you need it or not ;)

I put the bitrate into 6500 and it is still 720p right?

Because it said on youtube that bitrates for 720p are 5,000.

When I do use it, it starts being all laggy but after I close the capture application, it starts working again.

I just want to know how to make it not lag after I dragged the video into the timeline.

P.S. Why is it when I capture, it is like its HD but when I upload it turned into 480p?

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I did try on what you did but it made it worse :unsure:

I also meant that when I did put the bitrate to 6500 it was only lagging at some parts at VW when it was in the timeline.

When I captured the gameplay, it was fine with no lag but when I put the video in VW, it started having 5 second gaps.

I did do the software thing btw but it showed negative results, so I'm sorry for that.

P.S. I closed all applications and there was no lag, what happens if I use Audacity to make Live Commentaries? Can it work? :blink:

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