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Editing Audio Portion Of A Video



Hi - I have captured some old video from VHS tapes. However, there is an issue with the audio portion - there are many high and low clicks/blimps in the recording - how can these be resolved.


Could you point me in the right direction as to whether these can be removed at point of capture or on editing the digital file after capturing.



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Depends on how bad they are. Select to show the native track,follow this image. If it isn't good enough, then you can do more. Try this to see if it is good enough; if not, come back and get detaied instructions on how to extract the audio track, clean it up and add it back in.


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Thank you but I have tried the method suggested already but I don't seem to be able to take the high and lows away. Can you illustrate the method of extracting, cleaning and putting it back in?


I;m not at my computer now so this is from memory.


Go to Media Manager and Navigate to the video you want to work with, Right click on it and select to extract the audio. Name it and save it where you want to. It will be a wav file. Open whatever audio editor you have. The standard product is Sound Editor. I believe that IZOtope comes with the PRO in Creator 2012. Use it to clean up your audio if you have it. Again save it as a wav file


Open video wave, add the video file and select to show the native audio track. Mute it using the speaker icon. Go to add audio file and select that file yoiu have just cleaned up. Add it to the music track (or sfx or narration).


If you have nothing else in the timeline they should match up perfectly.


If you have problems with it, please post back.


Note in order to keep the audio and video synced if you are going to do more editing in that project, you should output that part of the project to a video file before doing anyhting else. Saving the project will not help. When you want to do more, use that video file.

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