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Macbook Pro, Mp4 Download -Not



sknis, you have answered my questions regarding this problem a few months ago. I have continued to be in contact with Corel's customer service, great customer service, but they can't do anything. The problem I have is that I have many videos of our orphanage on Photoshow and need those. But I cannot access them except on the Photoshow site. I tried the download to an MP4 but nothing. I am using a MacBook Pro 10.6.8. and do not have a export button other than the one to make an MP4. The only way to export the video is with this button, which does not work. I am using the on-line version of Photoshow. Do you have any suggestions on how to save the videos? Corel sent me an email and what they wrote basically made no sense. Any ideas? Thank you.

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I have to dig my Macbook out of the closet. I have not used PhotoSHow on it.


In the meantime were you able to download the desktop version of PhotoSHow 6 to your computer? If so, then there should be no problems downloading your on-line show to your MACbook. From there you can then output them to a video file. From there you can uplaod them to a social media site like facebook or YouTube if they are within the limits of the social media site.


What did Corel say?

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Hi sknis,


Thank you for moving my post to the correct place. So I am using the on-line version in order to get the desktop version is that something I need to buy? I didn't realize there was one. Corel has even called me but nothing works and this email is crazy because I already told them in about 20 emails this does not work. Corel basically has said this is not going to be fixed. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. These videos are invaluable to us. This is what Corel wrote in the last email:


Hi Nancy,


As you mentioned to me on the call, you want to see if you are able to have a local copy of the shows you uploaded.


Since you do have a premium account, the workaround below should work for you.


1. Log into your photoshow account

2. Go to Online at the top menu bar then choose Download My Photoshow.

3. The list of your photoshow should be populated. While there is a download all button, I would suggest you try to download one first. Select it then click on Download.

4. Once it's downloaded, you would be in the Personalize step. Click on Done if you don't want to change anything.

5. Click on Export Video File then you will be able to save the photoshow in wmv or mpeg2 format on your hard drive.


Let me know how this turns out for you.




Corel Customer Support Services

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Ivan is right and the expert on many of the Roxio products. He may have not understood that you are using a MAC; those are the instructions for the Download version of PhotoShow 6. Those work for PCs.


I am now on my MAC and there is no similar download version for the MAC.


If you want to download and save those PhotoShows you made, you may have to beg borrow or (forget that one) a PC. Once they are on a PC, they can be converted to a wmv or mpg 2 file to place on a disc for future use.


There is a plug in for IPhoto (certain version)which I haven't used (yet) so I don't know what it does.


Let me know what you plan to do.

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Thank you sknis. I had never even considered borrowing a PC. Guess that tells you my Mac mind. That is a great idea. The iPhoto plug-in exports photos directly to Photoshow from iPhoto. I generally don't use it. Since Photoshow seems to be so Mac unfriendly lately I would think Apple would remove it.


I will write Ivan back and let him know I am using a PC. He has been great, even called me.

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