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Does anyone know if Creator NXT Pro export BD CMF files.


A simple question I would like to know before I buy the product., Wouldn't it be nice if companies still had customer service.


Blu-ray replication file? No, it will output to ISO or folder set. Are you wanting to send a disc to a replication house for replicating? Are you just want to copy blu-ray discs that you made?


I'm not sure how many consumer programs have this ability. From a Google search " Roxio DVDit ProHD (invalid link), Sonic Scenarist, SONY Blu Print & NetBlender DoStudio can all produce this type of image DVDIt Pro HD is no longer available but you could pick up an old copy. Scenarist is one of those where you can't afford it if you have to ask. I choked when I looked at NetBlender costs. Article source here.

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