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Hd Video Won't Play Correctly



First of all...... when I go to the forum and see topics...... I don't see a "search" choice anywhere. I don't see how I can search for a topic to see if it's already been covered. Help?


Using Video Wave 2012. PC. Windows 7. 6g ram. 2T hard drive. No issues with any softwares.

Have done a ton of video editing for years.


When I import a video clip (from a camera) into Video Wave for editing.... playback is jumpy... the audio jumps all over the place but not in sync with video on screen.


This is an HD clip...... only about 5 minutes long. File size is 1.9 gig. 1920x1088 pixels. Format is ".mov"


I've looked at Production settings... can't find anything relating to resolution.... wondering about that.


Anyone out there have a clue why it won't play back properly so I can edit it?


By the way....... it also won't play correctly in Windows Media Player....... but it plays BETTER in VLC player...... not CORRECTLY but BETTER. I don't get it. :(


The video clips has been played succesfully on a friend's Mac computer with IDVD (I think that's what the software is called)

thanks in advance


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What is in your corner of your browser???





'camera'? 'MOV'?


You must be talking about a digital camera as opposed to a camcorder ;)


The take shortcuts to try to make themselves a camcorder... As a result you will need to run the files through a 3rd party converter before trying to use them :(


Here are a couple we use:



AVS4YOU Converter:


Any Video Converter


Give one of them a try and see what happens ;)

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By the way....... I can't afford to buy AVS right now....... so "successful" conversion I did with that software is not usable because of that code (forget what they call it) that they put in the middle of the screen on newly converted video


Try the free "Freemake" converter (http://www.freemake.com/), there are no hassles about purchasing or water marks.

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