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Faulty Card?



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Vague and General...


Make sure your gamebox is set to Component


Make sure your wires are a quality set


Make double sure they are inserted right


Make sure Roxio Software is switched over to Composite


Explain how you know "The output works fine as I can see it on my TV"??? Is that running component from your gamebox to the TV or component from your gamebox to the Roxio Device and then from there somehow to your TV??? :huh:

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I am using a media bridge component cable and they have favorable reviews so I'm pretty sure they're reliable unless if there's a specific type made for the Xbox 360.


I'm running my Xbox to the roxio card and have the media bridge component cable running through the roxio card and to my TV. I receive a signal to my TV from the Xbox I cannot receive a signal in the game capture software.


I've tried the steps you've said, searched the forums and decided to post here when those solutions didn't work. If my wording is scrambled and hard to comprehend, I apologize and will try to be more clear.


Thank you.

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Are you sure you have the Roxio Software switched over to Component.





The "Vague and General" was a preface to MY Answer, not your question :lol::D:lol:


Cable does seem like a good one ;)


Of couse check what ogdens suggested!


Might help if you could post a pic or two of your setup and a screen cap like ogdens posted... Info on posting them HERE


Well, I find that I have a hard time explaining things clearly.

As I've stated before, HDMI works just fine but I'm still having problems receiving a signal through Component. Followed the manual, double checked wires, changed video settings on the xbox and still, no signal.




UPDATE: It doesn't work on my Phat Xbox 360 but works fine on a Slim.

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