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Help With Captured Vids



So i browsed around the forums and I found what i thought to be the answer to my prayers on why when i import my captured vids from the Roxio game cap Pro HD to Sony Vegas it crashes immediately, with this pinned topic




after following the steps this didn't help me. When I went to save my files using AVIDEMUX, as mp4 muxer, it would give me this error




then after hitting the ok it prompts this next message:



which is strange because it records 49seconds everytime I try it as seen in this image:




Did i not follow the instructions correctly? Any help is appreciated.

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I know nothing of that program nor is this this the place where we will troubleshoot another product! :lol: (we will give as much latitude as we can though)


It is unlikely that all of your captures are faulty, soooo that leads us back to the the 3rd party software... Try Installing it again to see if a Repair is offered, otherwise Uninstall and Reinstall it ;)

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asnt so much asking for help on another product as more as asking for a solution.


Sorry if this isn't the right spot but i figured it was since there is 2 pinned topics about my problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing, there seems not to be a repair either.


I set the settigns as you mentioned solution and still nothing, with that output i'll still get the errors plus the 49s output vid.


Does anyone know where i can find actual good tutorials for the editor the gamecap comes with? from what i've been able to make sense of you can't trim/split the overlay video's and that's what i need to do

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