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I Have The Same Issue, Split From Dvd Will Not Play In Dvd Player - Message - "format Unsupported"



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i have the same issue. Someone told me its because roxio burns in divx. Does anyone know how to change the format roxio burns in. I'm trying to burn a mp4 video off of an sd card and cant get it to play in my dvd. Any help appreciated


Roxio does not burn directly in DivX but can be used to "export" to DivX files. These can then be burned to a DVD as data files which can be played on some DVD players

Roxio though does burn a DVD to the standard format which is mpeg2.


First of all copy the video clip from your SD card to your hard drive. Then use myDVD to authour and burn the file to a DVD in the format which will play on DVD players. The programs automatically sets the required format.

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Well... yes it does and it even Says So in the specs :huh:





Understand that DivX is not really a 'DVD Movie' but rather a File that is burned to a Data Disc...


You can create the file by Exporting from VideoWave:






And there is an add-on included with the NXT Suites that include a Player as well as a Burn option and even a converter if you don't need to do edits!


These are in a separate folder in your Windows Start Menu:





I have never really warmed up to DivX so I have never used any of these features but several of the users here do and I have never heard anything bad about them ;)

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I have the same Divx folder. This is an NXT Pro installed over C2012.


My guess is that it is from C2012, a remnant like CinePlayer.



Under programs and features does it show a DivX listing?


Is it dated for C2012 install or Creator NXT install?

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Opps!!! :wacko:


I missread the first 2 posts and generated a lot of un-needed discussion...


basketball is laboring under the missinformation that Roxio automatically burns a disc in DivX format.


It does Not!!! You have to go out of your way to cause that.


But unless he can provide us some more details we cannot really offer a solution ;)

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