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Cd Burn Error Connection



I am having terrible problems burning CD's. I get an error message about the connection being unstable then a msg to say the disc failed to burn. However ive tried the cds in a player and whilst i havent listend to the entire cds they seem ok. It can do the error msg at any time usually at 90 something percent.


Do you know why?

Also what is the best speed to use when buring cds?


Thank very much.

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The best speed for burning audio CDs is always the lowest available burn speed. That is determined after inserting the blank disc and choosing the Recorder Settings window from the Recorder menu. Data CDs can be burned at any speed.


Your issue could have several causes. One is an incompatibility between the blank discs you are using and the optical drive's firmware. Try Verbatim-brand discs. Another could be a failing drive or the drive's laser needing cleaning. You can get a laser-cleaning disc from various stores. Of course, the connection might not be stable. I'm presuming you are using an internal disc burner so you have no way of checking the connection. In that case completely shut down the Mac and wait at least 10 seconds before restarting. You also might run DiskWarrior if you have it.

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