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Bluray Stops At Multiplexing



I'm using Toast Titanium and having issues burning a BluRay disc.


i have succesfully burned many discs before using the same method, but somehow it doesn't work this time.


here are the steps:


source file

quicktime Apple Pro Res 1920x1080p25


step1; convert to ac3 & m2v elementary stream with compressor / max data rate = 35

step 2: use MPEG Streamclip to create a TS file


step 3: when i bring it into Toast and hit the Burn button, it starts multiplexing but basically stops at around 39%

i have all the same settings as in this tutorial which i have been using for quite a while: http://www.theatticdoormovie.com/blog/2009/mac-bluray/


this method has never caused issues before.

i really don't know what the problem could be.


any advice anyone?


thanks in advance!

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I'm unclear why you involved MPEG Streamclip in this process. You can add the m2v stream directly to Toast and it automatically adds the matching ac3 stream if it has the same name and is in the same folder. Otherwise Toast asks you to locate the audio. I'm presuming you have Never re-encode selected in Toast's custom encoder settings window or it probably would have started with encoding.


The most likely issue is Toast has encountered a dropped frame or something similar in the file that has stalled the process. It may be that you'll need to go back to Compressor and re-create the m2v and ac3 files. Before doing that you might choose the Fix timecode breaks feature in Streamclip to determine if it can find a break in the video.

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