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Roxio Creator Pro 2012 Or Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd3 Plus Crashing To Blue Screen.


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Hi all, I cannot get Roxio Creator Pro 2012 or Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus to run on my computer. My system OS s Windows 7 64bit. When opening either programme neither can find a video signal and after a short while crashes to a blue screen that shuts down my computer. I have tried repairing the installation of each programme without success and am at a loss as to how to resolve my problem.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I need to copy my Video 8 tapes to disc.


My computer is a Dell workstation with iNVIDIA Quatro 2000 graphics card, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit operating system.


email (deleted)


Many thanks.

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I edited your post to remove your e-mail address. No one will respond to you via e-mail except for spambots.


1) If you plugged in the USB device before installing the software, Windows installed the wrong drivers. You will have to remove the current drivers and do a repair or reinstall of the program, reboot and then plug in the device.

2) Please attach the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. Do not copy and paste the text file. Follow these directions.

3) Make sure you computer is up to date and that you have prepared it this way.


Come back after you have finished these steps and let us know if you still have the same problems.

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