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Toast 11 + .mkv + There Is Nothing To Record. Please Add More Data.



Hello. Happy Holidays. I do have a problem. I have a .mkv movie with no audio, and the matching audio. I am using toast 11. I can import the movie and attach the audio fine, but it does not have a weight on the disc. It reports that my content is 904KB. On my hard drive this is a lot more. When I click the burn button it reports.


"There is nothing to record. Please add more data, then try this again."



My goal is to burn this DVD soon, my family wants to see the movie a friend and myself created and while he was able to create a DVD with toast without problems, I have problems. I've called him several times now and he walked me through and I still have errors. Am I missing a codec? Please advise.


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What your window is displaying is no video at all. MASTER_DVD is not the name of a video file. If there was a video Toast would display its specs in the window, and there is none.


You might try using the Video tab in the Toast Media Browser to access the actual video. You may also want to go to perian.org and download and install the perian codec to assure the final DVD has audio.

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