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I am trying to install Creator 2010 Plus on W7 64 bit. I have installed this software before on a different computer, but I've long since UNinstalled it on that PC. I bought this software. I have the product key from the inside of the box. It keeps saying that the key I'm typing in is invalid. I've tried and tried. I've got it right, but it won't accept it. It's a 17 digit key. All letters are caps. Again, I'm typing it in correctly. I would appreciate any help.

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Hi Beebo,


Is the product key an original machine print from the label, or is it a COPY from the original label?

i.e. is there a chance of an error in the copying process?


If you would care to send me your key in a Private Message [PM] by mousing over my name at the top of this post like I did to yours in the attached picture, and clicking the Send Message button, I can try your key against one or several of my versions of Creator 2010 and either confirm that it works, or perhaps figure out a mistake you've made in transcribing it.







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