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Exception Thrown When Trying To Import Videos - Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus


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I just purchased the new vhs to dvd 3 plus and downloaded it; it doesn't work. I read the forums and ran through the prep steps (including the disable all step in msconfig, then enable all when done). I installed again selecting "repair".


The "record dvd" option runs for the length i chose, but goes into an endless "finishing" loop. I had to abort the software execution. This video wasn't saved to the roxio folder.


I then selected the "record, edit and save" option. I recorded only 5 minutes as a test. the record completed, but nothing displayed in the video list.


The file from the "record, edit and save" option is in my video folder, but when i try to import it, i get this message: "An unknown error has occurred. the application will shut down now. Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation".



I need to mention that i tested my dvd drive. It successfully wrote multiple videos to a dvd that were not part of roxio.


I can't do anything, help!

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That is a new one on me. I Googled for that error and found a lot of instances. Most of them are related to a Windows problem with .net framework. When you did the prep work, did you install the latest version of .net framework?


This Kb article may be useful.(link). Actually I would go here. How familiar are you with computers or do you have a friend to help? You should not have to pay for a solution.

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