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Can't Trim/split More Than Once.. Need Help!


Whenever I try to split my video more than once, VideoWave tells me that one of the resulting clips will be too small, even if the new split is longer than the previous.

I don't know what to do..

I need help, friends..

Please tell me there's a way to get past this..

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Thanks for the screen cap, it answers everything!!!


First, there is an 11 Frame limit ~ meaning you must be more than 11 frames from the end! (use 'Trim' instead of Split to overcome that problem ;) )


Secondly, for any Split to work, the portion of the clip you want to split MUST BE Selected :o


Yours is not!


You need to click anywhere in the clip to select that portion of the clip. Then it would have worked ;)


There will be a Yellow highlight around a clip when it is selected. - my example is different version than yours but it works the same:








(both at 3 min: 16 sec: 4


Example of Trim window:



Once you get used to it, the frustration should go away :lol:

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