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Can't Capture!



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Hi, I installed the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro correctly but it says:


Status: Macrovision Found.


I bought the roxio out of Bol.com ( Dutch Site)



What to do?? I WANT TO RECORD:( being on this all day


What are you trying to do with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software when you get "Status: Macrovision Found"?

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Sorry about that.....having a another seniors moment.


"Macrovision is the name of a company which manufactures copy-protection systems. The name "Macrovision" is commonly used to refer to the product which is officially called "Macrovision Video Copy Protection".


The original Macrovision copy protection system was developed for VHS and has been expanded to include DVD, VOD (video on demand), PPV (pay per view) and other formats"




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I'ts not a tape, its on PS3


Are you using HDMI? PS3 has copyright protection with HDMI, so the software may just assume it's Macrovision protection due to it not knowing any better.

However, if you're using component, i don't have any idea why this is happening.

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I'm using HDMI, but do i still record HDMI when i use component?



PlayStation 3 can only support Component A/V out for capture. HDMI video out is protected. However, between Roxio GameCAP device and TV, you can connect either HDMI cable or Component

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