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Toast Freezing When Mounting .sdf Files





We have just purchased Toast 11 (starting to regret this)

We are trying to mount past projects with Toast 11.

Everytime we do Toast Freeezes and we have to force wuit out.

After force quitting out Toast will not open again unless we restart the machine.


Machine is a Mac Prp.

2 x 2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

12GB ram


OSX 10.8.2



We have already lost an afternoon trying to figure this out and would be grateful for any help.


Are there any other software programs for mounting .sdf files in the meantime?



thank you

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Like others here, I have hit the exact same bug which causes Toast to crash every time when trying to mount a disc image which Toast itself created in .Sd2f format.


Here is the letter I sent support:


My issue is that the "Mount Disc Image" feature of Toast has been broken in Toast 12.

I can create a disc image with Toast, but every time I try to mount the Disc Image (Utilities > Mount Disc Image…). Toast freezes (perpetually spinning icon) and I must force-quit Toast. Toast will then not even launch again until I restart the Mac.

Mounting disc images created with Toast worked fine in my previous version of Toast (11.0.4), but as I am now running Yosemite I can no longer use that version. So I bought Toast 12, and now I cannot mount any disc images, whether they were created with with this new current version of Toast or whether they were created with a previous version of Toast. I am as up to date as I can be: running the latest version of Toast (12.0.1) and the latest version of Yosemite (OS X 10.10.1) on a Mac mini (late 2014 model).

I need your help. I have hundreds of disc images and I need to use them. Please tell me how to mount Toast disc images again!

Thanks, John.

I'm talking about audio disc images in the .Sd2f format.


Here is the main part of their response:


Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Our engineering department is assessing it to determine whether it is a valid product defect. This process can take some time. When the issue has been addressed, we will send you additional information by email.


I now see from this forum thread that this Toast mounting bug was first reported to the company over 2 years ago, and even though there have been major and minor updates to Toast since then, they still have not fixed this bug! So after 2 years of this their "engineering department is assessing it to determine whether it is a valid product defect." If a program crashes every time when selecting an item in its own menu (Utilities > Mount Disc Image…) which is trying to mount a disc image that the program itself created, I'd say that is, beyond any doubt, "a valid product defect."


I'm not sure why, after 2 years, this company needs more time to "assess" the situation.


My own assessment has shown that this bug exists in every version of Toast following 11.0.4. Unfortunately, if you are running the current Mac OS (Yosemite) then running Toast 11.0.4 is not an option.


Apparently there is no way of mounting these Toast disc images using any other Mac software.



If you are also stuck in this situation, here is a workaround that I've gotten to work. This is by no means an elegant solution, but it's the only way I've found to mount these images in Yosemite (and perhaps Mavericks):


I had installed the current version of Toast (12.0.1) on my Mac running Yosemite. Then, I also put Toast 11.0.4 on my Mac, not by running the installer (which I assume would muck up my current installation of Toast), but by simply dragging the application that was previously installed on another disc onto my new Mac's disc. I discovered that, while you can't run Toast 11.0.4 in Yosemite for the most part, you can use it in Yosemite for the sole purpose of mounting a Sd2f disc image. So whenever I need to mount a disc image I quit Toast 12, then run Toast 11.0.4 and use it only to mount a disc image. Then I quit Toast 11.0.4 and launch Toast 12 again.


Important caveat: Every time I do this switching back and forth between versions I need to re-enter the serial number into Toast 12. What a hassle.


This is quite a Mickey Mouse way to do things, and it's a shame that Corel has put it's users in such a pickle. But at least I can mount my images again!


In the long run I'll probably just have to move away from Toast altogether, as I assume that if Corel hasn't bothered to fix a serious bug in its software for over 2 years, it probably won't do anything about it in the next 2 years.


Please, Corel, help your users out here and at least tell us what you plan to (or plan not to) do!


PS: The workaround that Leif posted above in this forum using OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks) did not work for me in Yosemite.

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I'm in the same boat. Used several versions of Toast for years to backup my collection. I've wasted hundreds of hours of time due to Roxio glitches. I bought 11 thinking I'd financially support Roxio even though 10 worked perfectly for the ONLY feature I use: Creating & Mounting SD2F files. Boy do I regret it.

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Sorry marco75, Roxio has gone from a great company to a terrible company. I easily referred 50+ people to them over the years, but in the past 2 years I've referred NO ONE and actually talked a few out of buying Roxio products at all. Toast 11 is broken. If you use SD2F you need to buy or if you already own it, revert back to 10. More importantly the writing is on the wall that Roxio DOES NOT care about SD2F and is not committed to supporting it moving forward in any meaningful way, so maybe we can use this otherwise wasted space on this forum to discuss alternatives to the SD2F format?

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I think Toast can also save as bin/cue-file, these files can be mounted with daemontools or not? So we do have a work around, and i hopefully can use Toast 7 again,... :-D


Just tested, put some flac-files in Toast 7 (under MAC OSX Lion) and saved them to bin/cue, these files are mountable with daemon tools lite for mac even in mountain lion. I think bin/cue is more common than s2df-files are.


You can test daemon tools before you buy it, so everybody can check on his / her system ;-)

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I have managed to get the "Mount Disc Image..." in Toast to work:

I located the "ToastIt.service" in /users/<username>/library/services/ and I moved it to /system/library/services/

I still get few runaway "ToastImageMounter" processes, but now I can mount Sd2f-files without Toast freezing up.




Mac OS 10.9.1

Roxio Toast Titanium.11.2.3175

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I'm having this same problem! Totally frustrating, especially using this product for many years! I'm with music production and we use .sd2f files. I'm glad I have found others with this same problem, I've been going mad trying to figure out what had happened. I will have to downgrade, if possible.


Please Roxio fix this as soon as possible!



I've downgraded to 11.0.4 and it's back to normal. I don't have runaway processes and Toast Not Responding errors.


I would suggest to trash the toast folder and reinstall 11.0.4.

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I just bought an Blu-ray drive for my iMac (27", Mid-2011, running Yosemite OS 10.10.1) which included a copy of Toast 11. It was version 11.0.4, which I immediately and dutifully upgraded to the latest 11.2. What a disaster!!

I experienced all the frustrations outlined in this thread so far. Toast 11.2 can't actually mount Sd2f image files on the desktop although that mysteriously remains an option in the "Utilities" menu. And these, of course, are Sd2f files that Toast itself has created!


John Sky: I wonder if you have heard back from Corel/Roxio's engineering department. How they could fail to see it as anything but a product defect is mind-boggling! Pray tell, what is the purpose of including the "Mount Disc Image .." menu option if the software can't actually do that! Simply opening the sd2f in the Toast window is not "mounting". Neither can it be said to be a "problem" with Mac OS. Toast 10 (but not Toast 11/12) still delivers this functionality in Mac OS 10.10.1! One of the main purposes of product upgrades is to make them compatible with current operating systems. Sure, sometimes functionality is impossible or too expensive to carry over, but it is incumbent upon the software maker to inform it's users of those changes. This has clearly not happened in this case. What a shame!


I have a huge FLAC music collection and Toast has long served me well in converting them to audio images (I often burn whole live shows into a single, greater length than can fit on a physical CD, image file) then mounting them on the desktop where iTunes usually downloads the track titles from Gracenote automatically and imports the whole show to the iTunes library. I've been using Toast to do this for years now.


My "solution" has simply been to remove Toast 11 completely from my computer. I was concerned that Toast 10 would lose some functionality in Yosemite, but that has not happened yet for me and so I have happily returned to using Toast 10.0.9 (569) without any problems. Hopefully it will continue to work with future Mac OS upgrades as well, since it appears unlikely that Corel/Roxio will get around to fixing what they have failed to properly see as a defect for the last 2 years or so!

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Nearly 2 long years have gone by with NO response and NO resolve from Roxio. I don't plan to ever spend another penny with them. Nor do I wish to pollute my machine with their corrupted code. If anyone loses their mind (or memory) and buys Roxio 12, please let us know if it works any better. Believe me, I'm ***NOT*** holding my breath. I'm pretty sure that Roxio doesn't even remember what Sd2f is anymore at this point.....

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Nearly 2 long years have gone by with NO response and NO resolve from Roxio. I don't plan to ever spend another penny with them. Nor do I wish to pollute my machine with their corrupted code. If anyone loses their mind (or memory) and buys Roxio 12, please let us know if it works any better. Believe me, I'm ***NOT*** holding my breath. I'm pretty sure that Roxio doesn't even remember what Sd2f is anymore at this point.....

Maybe you already know this: This is an undocumented feature that isn't coming back. They rewrote Toast with version 11.1 and the .sd2f mounting as a CD no longer works. It sometimes works to change the .sd2f to .iso in the Finder but not always.

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martinmeadows, Toast 11.04 should also work and you can have multiple versions of Toast on your Mac at the same time. Each one not affected by the other.


I had long done just that and kept v.10.0.9 on my computer after installing Toast 11. I found that, when both were installed, neither version was able to mount the sd2f files and only after un-installing Toast 11 was I able to regain that functionality with Toast 10.


Also, with regard to your post above in reply to Gorba, I wonder why you say it is "an undocumented feature". I would argue it is/was actually a core feature inasmuch as it resides in the Utilities menu (Utilities > Mount Disk Image ...) and there is a whole page dedicated to it in the Toast Titanium Help pages (for Toast 10). This is what it says on p.36:



Mounting Disc Images

You can mount a previously created image file. Mounted images behave like

an actual physical disc inserted into your optical drive and appear on the



If this is the first time you are mounting an image file after installing Toast,

Toast will prompt you to enter the administrator password. Once you have

done this, you no longer need to enter the password to mount an image file.

If you do not have administrator privileges, you will not be able to mount

image files with Toast.


To mount an image file from the menu:

1 Choose Utilities > Mount Disc Image.

2 Select the image file you want to open.

3 Click Choose.

An icon of a disc appears on your Desktop when the image is mounted.


To mount an image file with Mount It:

- Control-click on the image file and choose More and select Mount It.

Toast does not have to be running to mount the image.


To unmount an image file:

- Drag the disc icon on the Desktop to the Trash in the Dock.





That looks pretty well-documented to me! This feature may, as you claim, NOT be coming back, but if it was purposefully removed in the Toast 11.1 makeover then they should have removed the menu item, which clearly makes users think it is still a usable feature. Otherwise, it is a "bug" or product defect that should be addressed, not ignored!

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Excellent point martinmeadows!


I was so disgusted by the reference to 'undocumented feature' that I didn't waste time replying previously. Took it as another reason to RUN from Roxio.


Truth is, I bought several versions of Toast, including 11, solely for the s2d2 feature. This format wasn't an accident, it was an excellent studio quality tool acquired by Roxio. If rightfully understood by most people who care about quality and having 'true' bit-for-bit backups of their CD music, this feature alone EASILY justifies the price of Toast. If I had the time I'd look into purchasing the feature from Roxio solely to develop a stand alone CD archival solution. Unfortunately I do not foresee having time in the near future. If anyone does go that route and needs help, please reach out. I'd be very interested in supporting the endeavor.

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I’ve been following this thread for years, now, hoping that Corel would provide an answer. I even purchased the Toast 12 update in hopes that they would reinstate a feature on which so many of us depend. That is, I’ve learned, the definition of insanity -- constantly repeating a behavior with the hope of a different outcome. All I can provide as solace is that Toast 11.02, the last version of Toast that will mount a disc image, still works under Yosemite. It mounts an audio disc complete with individual audio files (without any text labels that may have been added), which can easily be copied as AIFF files to another medium. That’s the best I have to offer, and recommend that anyone with access to v11.02 do that asap.

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Wow! I have continued to see replies from this thread for the couple of years since I posted extensive reviews of this problem. I never expected to see what has come through now and been apparently verified - that the mount disc image feature works again!


While clearly Roxio is incredibly lame for not addressing this for so long, nor even replying to or commenting on this thread along the way, I like to think that the efforts of all involved here had something to, finally, do with the feature being fixed. Nice job guys!


Thanks Lief for letting us know, and to whomever the person was that verified. I had no intention of buying Toast anymore, but perhaps now I will get the new version, feel better about upgrading to Yosemite (which I have yet to do), and feel slightly more secure that all my sdf backups are not yet obsolete.


The small victories in life :D

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Thanks for keeping on top of things and posting to this thread.


Hopefully this restored functionality will be addressed with an update to the v.11 series as well. I don't want to have to dish out (yet again!?) to recover a feature that should have been usable in the first place!

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Ibiza is correct on all counts. Previous versions of Toast Titanium were able to mount the sd2f files they created as "virtual" cd volumes on the desktop. Version 11.1 breaks that capability, and hangs the application in the process. The hang is not recoverable without a forced quit, and the program will not relaunch until the computer is competely rebooted.

The cause or result of the hang seems to be that the "mount disc image" command causes a terminally broken discarbitration process which seems to be looking for a disc image that doesn't exist on drives (which it tries to "probe") that also do not exist. The runaway process continues after the forced quit of Toast, as evidenced by thousands of entries in the Console messages that start to occur the moment "mount disc image" is selected.

One has to ask, what is the purpose of the menu item in the new version? What's it supposed to do? The program will not mount an image it created moments before...

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