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Sound Editor Issues/enhancements Request



I have some issues and missing features in Sound Editor from Creator Pro 2012. I hope that developers follow this forum so they know what to code, or if there is a better way to complain/request features then please let me know.


First the complaints.

1. I believe that SE (short for Sound Editor) should remember the preferences/options between sessions. It doesn't do that now. For example I like to have the "Show position as tooltip" always enabled, so I have to press P key every time I start SE. This is ridiculous. This should be remembered from the last session. Same for the time format I select. It defaults to Time Code, but I frequently use miliseconds, so this also should be remembered. This should be very easy to code, so I'm surprised that nobody thought about this before.

2. When exporting audio the file name is stripped from all the spaces. I don't see the reason behind this. This is really annoying. For a long time now spaces in file names are OK, so are we back to the DOS times? Also, I don't know why I can't overwrite the current file and I have to save to a different file? The warning should be displayed, but if I really want to overwrite the current file, then why not? Annoying restriction.


And now the feature requests. So far I haven't found a single sound editor that meets all of my REALLY BASIC needs. I mostly use sound editors to clean up digital music (i.e. mp3 files) and create CDs (reverse to what everybody does? :) ). I used MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab to do all of my audio cleaning, but now Roxio SE has some basic cleaning tools built in, so this is definitely a welcome addition. I don't expect SE to ever catch up to MAGIX ACL, but further development in this area wouldn't certainly hurt.

1. Currently, the volume normalization is obscure and lacks granularity. For exmaple, I'd like to normalize to 95% maximum volume (without clipping) with one click (as in ACL). Right now there is 10x (100% I assume) or 9x (90% ?). Can't that be made easier and more granular? Perhaps a "normalization" using a perceived loudness (RMS?) as opposed to peak sound amplitude may come in handy at times?

2. Silence addition and removal is a little too basic or totally non-existent (removal). I have to use the Creative WaveStudio for this task. I'd like to see the option to add silence at start of file, end of file or at the cursor position (the only current "option"). There is no option to remove silence and I'm missing that feature badly. In addition to what WaveStudio does (remove silence from both ends) I'd like to see the option to remove silence from start of file, end of file and both ends. Perhaps an overkill would be to add a configurable silence level (i.e. what is considered a silence; -90dB, -75dB, etc.?), but this may come in handy sometimes. It goes without saying that the last used settings should be remembered between sessions.

3. To enhance audio using equalizer is hard to do by ear only, so the visual frequency display (spectroscope) is another badly needed feature.

There are certainly other problems with SE and missing features, but these are the most pressing and the ones that I can think of right now.

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Well, if Corel bought Roxio, they own this forum too. As for the formal support request I have one coming for them. I can't burn from Creator, but I can from other apps, like Nero or PowerISO, so this is Roxio issue and not my systems issue.

Thanks for the tip about GoldWave. I have never heard about them and I will certainly check it out. I did try Audacity many months ago, but it wasn't stable and also missing some of the features I need. Silence removal is a big thing for me. I need to remove all the leading and trailing silence, then add 250 ms to the start of the track and 1 s to the end to make the CD professionally looking (should I say sounding?) by evenly spacing things out among other things.

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