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Feature Request: Spanning Multiple Burners?



Hello All!


I'm trying to get large backups onto DVD, to not only span multiple disks, but to also span multiple burners.


So for example, with a 20 GB archive, I'd like to set Toast to start burning to one drive, and then when that disk is full, continue burning to a second drive, and then when that disk is full, continue burning the same archive to a third drive.


The only feature that seems to come close to this that I've found, is one that lets me record the same archive, to all three of my of drives at once.


What I'd like to do, is "set it and forget it", so that the files I'm burning, starts on one burner, and spans over to another reorder, and then subsequently, to my third if and when needed and as the disks fill up.


It seems to me, that this feature might already exist within Toast Titanium 11.1? As it is, I can burn the same content to multiple disks, simultaneously. So, I'm hoping there already exists a way for me to burn files to disk sequentially?


Presently, I have to sit here an wait for one disk to finish, before starting another. But, by burning sequentially as I'm hoping to, one can then "set it all and forget it", at least for the time being.



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