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Colors Disoriented For Ps3



quick question about my newly purchased Roxio GC. first of all ill state that i play on an SDTV on 480i so that could possibly be the problem. however my TV picture is black/white while the capture is colored, however, whenever i start a game or move the XMB menu the capture picture starts freaking out with horizontal colored lines going across the screen. any ideas?


ps. i have the composite cables

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Can anyone help me

First I got the game capture and hooked it up and the picture was black and white I fixed that by getting some component cables for ps3. The picture then went to colour but on the capture picture thing it went all distorted and you couldnt see the picture so I fixed that by going to the lowest I could which is standard. Then you could sought of see the picture on the capture preview screen but it was still sometimes distorted and at other times everything split in two or you could see nothing at all. Then some Black lines appeared on the screen and the picture in the capture thing is horrible. I want to start making gaming videos for YouTube soon but the quality this game capture is giving me is horrible. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

I am using an LG TV which HD and quiet small but I think the problem is the duracell component cabels that I picked up because the picture off the TV is great

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