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Render Time



I tried to render a gameplay I recorded using the Roxio Game Cap PRO HD. I attempted to render using the program that came with the Roxio but It lasted over three hours to render before I canceled the rendering. Is this a problem with my internet or is this program not good for rendering videos? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Rendering has nothing to do with the internet.

Lots of information missing from your post.

How long is the video you are trying to render? To what format are your rendering?

What are you system specs? Rendering time is dependent on many parameters such as CPU, graphics card, hard drive free space and fragmentation level, etc.

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rendering takes time...i do a podcast that is 30 mins long and takes 3 to 4 hours to render the 1080p ep.


Rendering length is determined by quailty of the footage, how many edits there (titles, effects, etc.), what you are rendering at, Location (seriousily....if you render to a external hd...it will add time) if you are using the computer when rendering is happening and then your computer specs (cpu, ram, etc.)

when i render LARGE files, i usally do it when i go to bed so it is done by morning.

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