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I received DIVx when I bought and installed Creator 12 .. What do I do with DIVX? how do I use it.? Whenever I drag a file to Roxio Burn icon it burns in DIVX then I cannot play the disc on a stand alone dvd player/ Please help

I am a limited knowlege user. though i have had Roxio from 7 to `10.

Divx is just another video "format" mainly used when creating video files. It is highly compressed but still gives excellent quality. Not all DVD players can play the format, check your DVD player manual for formats your player will accept.


In general you cannot simply copy/burn video files to a DVD and play them on a stand-alone DVD player. In order for any DVD player to accept video DVDs you have to "authour" the DVD which means the video on the DVD has to have a certain folder/file structure. This is done in C2012 with the program myDVD (Create DVDs from the main menu page) "Roxio Burn" basically is only used to create a data disc, ie just burning files to a disc.

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I think you are getting a true DivX file mixed up with a Windows DivX File Association....


In this shot of Windows Explorer, you can see that Windows has associated the 'mpeg' extension with the DivX player so it it assigns that program's Icon to the file.




And if you double click it, that is the program that will open it...


But if you Right Click on it, there are many more options.




Windows File Associations have Nothing to do with Roxio Burn.


Is that what you are asking about?


If not, you need to draw us a better picture :lol:

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