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Cd Label Print Alignment

Jay Austin


My new Roxio Creator seems to do a lot of things well but, I cannot figure out how to align the print with the label on the page. The alignment procedure is a complete mystery to me as the rings and numbers in the suggested alignment procedure do not even intersect with the lable on the page. There should be a simple way to adjust this but, if there is, I can't seem to discover it. It is unbelievable to me that the program is so counter intuitive in this respect. Could someone help me figure this out.



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What version of Creator do you now have and what printer.? Have you simply tried to make labels with the software that came with your printer.


ByTheWay putting paper labels on DVD is not advised. DVD spin at a high rate and the labels could throw the disc off balance and cause a lot of issues. CDs are probably OK but why take the chance?


If you are going to make a lot of cds with paper labels, look at the full service label maker. There are several but this is the one that seems to be the parent of the LabeL Maker in Creator.


Also, you will get more and better advice if you start posting in the section of the forum dedicated to your version of Creator.

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The problems with adhesive applied labels are for both CD and DVD.


Though offering low cost, good quality and compatibility with a wide range of printers, adhesive labels have some disadvantages. First of all, if applied unevenly, the disc will look unattractive, and, what's worse, the disc's balance may upset and cause its shattering in the drive, vibration, noise and read errors — even damage to the drive. The glue on the labels may over time react with the disc's lacquer and damage the sensitive dye layer (thought it's unlikely with labels designed specially for CDs and DVDs).

Printing on label paper normally requires calibration of the printer to make sure that the designs fit accurately on the labels on the sheet. So, first you will need to do a test print on a sheet of label paper and make adjustments in the label design software to compensate for any printing offsets.

Paper labels are sensitive to moisture and smearing (inkjet-printed labels). If your computer is equipped with a slot-loading optical drive, never use discs with any adhesive labels — drive manufacturers recommend against it.


The Ways of Labeling Discs, http://www.belightso...belingdiscs.php

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OK... As to paper labels... I have been using them for over 10 years. I am good at sticking them in the center so they don't vibrate unduly. One hopes the people you send them to have the good sense not to get them wet. They are Christmas CD's and thus unlikely to be in the car to over heat in summer. My question was not whether or not to use paper labels. My experience with them has been good. The CD's on which you can print directly are a ripoff price wise.


My printer is an HP Officejet Pro 8600. It is perfectly calibrated and prints the labels from my old program perfectly. This is not a printer problem it is a Roxio problem. Finally in desperation, I saved the label as a jpeg and used Photoshop to move it to the correct position on the page. There was some loss in print quality by this manipulation but it worked.


My question remains the same. How does one manipulate the Roxio label file to get it to print in the correct place on the label page to match where the label company pre-located the label? That is one of those things that normal humans would expect the software company to make absolutely obviousy. Photoshop certainly makes it obvious how to do that once the file was transformed into a format Photoshop will open. Why do the designers at Roxio not understand that this is an essential facit of making labels and make it similarly obvious.


​It makes me suspect they are the same people who design klunky airline websites.

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You said " The alignment procedure is a complete mystery to me as the rings and numbers in the suggested alignment procedure do not even intersect with the lable on the page"


You are supposed to use a blank sheet of paper to do the alignment; not a label page. Re-read the calibration instructions.

Did you follow the instructions?

Are you selecting the type of label in the dropdown list? The down arrow is sometimes hidden.

Notice that you can print a blank page as a test page and then place it over the label page to see if the print aligns with the label.


â€Here are the instructions:


Adjusting the printer alignment


Printer calibration attempts to adjust and correct the difference between what you see on the screen and the printout. This is especially necessary for cards and labels.

To calibrate your printer:


1 In the Print dialog, click Calibrate. The Print Calibration dialog is displayed.


2 If you have more than one printer connected to your computer, select a printer from the drop-down list. (Note, is your printer on this list in the upper section of the print page?)


3 Click Print Test Page. (Use a blank sheet of paper for this) A test page containing an alignment scale and re-insertion instructions is printed. Click Next to display the next window.


4 Reload the test page into your printer following the instructions on the test page, click Print Test Letters, and when your page has printed click Next to display the next window.


5 Follow the instructions on the test page to enter the calibration adjustments and click Done.


6 Click OK to apply the calibration settings, or Cancel to discard your changes.


7 Before you start printing using these adjustments, it is a good idea to print a test page as described in Printing a test page.


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