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Videowave Edits Lagging (Split)



another laptop... :(


VW relies on using your Video Card for processing... Of course Laps don't have one, sooo let's try this:


In VW, Tools - Options - Render Using - Software


See what that does for it ;)


I stumbled across this while trying to find a solution to the problems I'm having, and i think this solution might fix it, but i wont know for sure until about 20 minutes from now when my project actually loads..

Here is the problem, i'm trying to edit some game play, got it all recorded and in the editor, but every time i do any action, like trim or split, it takes literally 5-10 minutes to load said action. In which time, the program is switching back and fourth from not responding to responding. I'm not as computer savvy as all you guys, so maybe I'm just missing an obvious fix here.


My computer has a dual core, 3.00 GHz processor, and 8 gigs of ram, so I'm guessing that's not the problem since its above the recommended specs. But i only have an Nvidia Geforce GT430 graphics card, and i think that might not be up to par... This is why I'm thinking that what you said might help me, if i am correct in understanding that it will make it so my graphics card isn't doing all the work, and instead my processor will be.Also I'm running windows 7, 64bit.




Tried what i quoted, didn't help at all. It seems to only be a problem with videowave though. While that program is not responding, i can minimize it and use any other aspect of my computer perfectly fine. Is this program notorious for being slow or something?

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I split this off the other Topic so we don't get responses confused :lol:


I think the Video Card is more than enough for what you are doing, so let's look elsewhere...


Generally Speaking... lagging in VW is from Really Big Files or corruption in the Program. (there are other things as well)


You have 8 GB of RAM, what do you think is happening when you load a 25 GB file into VW???


Something to try. In VW under Tools is the option to use Hardware (default) or Software Rendering. This choice also affects your editing :huh:


TRY setting it to Software, then load a file to edit and see how it behaves.


Another "solution" is to break up your Capture into 15 minute segments. Do your edits and lastly combine all of them for your final output...


You could try splitting and deleting one of your files so you only have 15 minutes and see what you think ;)


Just be careful that you don't overwrite your original while tinkering!

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I started out with a roughly two hour video, cut out a bunch of 2-15 sec clips, and still have a 4 minute clip I'm trying to work on. The whole project has an overall run time of about 6 1/2 minutes now. So i don't think it is the size of the project that is causing it, i tried switching to software instead of hardware, still have the same amount of lag. Could it possibly be the amount of clips i have in one project, instead of the actual size of the video?




Just started a new project, with a 6 minute clip, and it seems to be running pretty good. a little slow, but nothing compared to the problems i was having before. maybe it was the amount of clips i had in one project.

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number of clips should not have a great effect...


I belive you have to reboot before a change of settings will be noticed.


Different subject, but when it comes to rendering (Export As) a .5 to 1 ratio is considered really good! At that rate, a 2 hour project would take 1 hour to complete ;)


Since you are working with multiple clip, if it is possible, do your edits in those clips before you combine. Sadly you cannot add multiple Projects (dmsm) together :(

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Hey guys, I have a very similar problems as Atwell - at first VideoWave was working just fine, I've trimmed, added transitions and etc. on a pretty large 1080p hour+ long gameplay. But from there on as each day passes the software is running slower and slower. For example just now I'm editing 30 minute long gameplay, there is only one image and one clip in the project and every action takes more that 2 minutes. Each time I click to add marker on the timeline = 2 minutes wait, each time I try to split the click on marker = 2 minutes wait, each time I decide to add transition = 2 minutes wait. Its pretty annoying as you can imagine.


Some additional information:

- this is a fresh copy of VideoWave, I never had a previous version

- I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise with all the official updates from Microsoft

- there is nothing (except Chrome and Skype) running on background

- my temp drive is the new SSD 830 drive from Samsung

- my working files are on different drive - standard 750GB HDD from Seagate


And here are my PC specs:

- Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.79GHz

- 12GB triple channel DDR3

- Radeon HD 6850


Oh, and one additional thing, that may be the problem in fact - each time I start working on a new gameplay clip I open the previous project, remove all the clips, but leave the image, and start adding the new clips. Maybe VideoWave somehow is caching all the previous clips that was in this project and this slow all the operations down?

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Hehehe, I'm a C developer myself, and believe me, on a PC like mine I must run few defragmentation softwares plus at least one system wide virus scan in order to make adding a simple timeline marker longer that a second. And I'm seeing almost 3 minutes non-responding now for an operation like that.


The 750GB HDD was empty (cleanly formatted) when I've got the Roxio (last week), and how have like 500GB free and was never fragmented because I didn't delete any of my source files. My system drive is a SSD, so no defrag or disk cleanup needed, and it has 72GB of empty space. I've reboot and shutdown frequently, the system is not running for more that 10 hours a day.


So here you go, I hope this can help you :). In fact I can attach one of my project which is behaving this way, is it possible any of you to open it without the source files?

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Tonight I had a little time and I've tested my theory - started a new 16:9 project instead of opening one of my old ones, and inserted the same image and clip that I was working on this morning - as you can guessed VideoWave works perfectly now!


So, if anybody suffers the same issues as I had then just start the project a new and everything will be fine.


As for the developers of VideoWave then I'm letting you know that the software has some kind of history/caching issue when you add and then remove too many clips and marks in one project.

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