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Using 2012 Creator Nxt Pro For Audio Capture And Output



Question, I recently prurchased Roxio 2012 NXT Pro which was provided wiht the vidieo capture USB. In revewing the software for video capture I did not see anything remotely related to having a VHS input to DVD. Am I to assume that once I hook-up the VCR using the video capture USB device to my laptop that all the proper drivers will be installed and a option window for converting from VHS to DVD will appear. I am a littel uncertain as to how the software interfaces wiht the hardware. Please explain. Thank you.

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IF you installed the Software while the Capture Device was unplugged, it will work fine!


If not we are going to have to do some digging ;)


The EVD Software that came with it is not needed as everything you will want and more are part of the NXT Suite!


But in No Case is it some sort of automatic device...


YOU have to open the NXT Suite and under the Video/Movies tab, select the Capture Video button...


Then you can plug the device in and hook up something to its' input wires. (you can do all of this in any order you like, it will all work in the end ;) )


When you are ready, hit Record and start your tape/dvd/whatever...


Do a few short test caps before taking the plunge!


Try different things and keep written notes. (they come in handy when you haven't done in the last 6 months :lol: )


But give it a try now and don't hesitate to pop in if you have problems questions or just want to kick around an idea or 2.

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