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Won't Burn



I have Creator 2010, with XP,Pack 3,1.6 gig, 512 MB RAM, Compaq 5423. I have tried to burn CD's using "CREATE MUSIC DISC PROJECTS"

so that I can get the song and album names on the CD. Only problem is that titles don't show up and all I get is write error and a unuseable disk.

I fill out the "PROJECT SETTINGS" but no help at all. I take it that a MP3 disk is only good for storage and not playing on everything, you need

an Audio disk to play. So you end up needing two disks for every album.



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Hello Jeff,


You can make CD audio discs, MP3 discs, and DVD Music discs. They are three totally different animals, and are used in different places for different things.


Audio CDs should play on any CD player at all, and can be made with song and album names embedded on the disc even though few players can actually display such things. Audio CDs are limited to 80 minutes of audio.


MP3 discs should play on most modern CD players. Some players will read the "playlist" which is burned on the disc and play the tunes in that order, but other players will only play things in alpha/numeric order. MP3 discs can store hours worth of MP3 files, depending on the compression used on the MP3 files.


A DVD music disc will only play in a DVD player or better. It's actually a standard Video-DVD with mostly soundtrack and very little video.


What are you actually trying to play your disc on, or what is the result you're after?



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